Friday, February 29, 2008

Excited about Blogging!

Finally, I have started a blog! I have always wanted to do this, yet I just never took the time. I have always liked to put my thoughts on paper, however I quit doing that for so long because of personal issues.

I would like to use this an opportunity to share my daily walk with Christ. He has done so many amazing things in my life. The first being that He sent His only begotten Son to die on the cross for my sins and yours. (John 3:16) My prayer is that everything I say on here would be to exalt and praise and glorify my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As this is my very first post, I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the thoughts in my head. So for today I will just say that I'm excited to be here, excited to share, and excited to hear from other Christians. This is just the beginning of an awesome journey, and I pray that God would have His hand upon my fingers and my heart, because now.........
WE BLOG!!!!!!!!