Saturday, October 24, 2009

Jack O' Lantern Time!

I got a new video/digital camera! I can not tell you how very happy that makes me! :)
There are so many things I want to take pics of right now!! Here in Branson/Hollister, Missouri fall is coming with a vengeance! I have never seen such rich red, gold, and orange. We are known for our fall beauty along with the many other attractions this tourist town has to offer. In living here almost 4 years now we have become "locals" as we refer to ourselves, but the same things that bring the tourists out are the same reasons why we chose to relocate here. I am hoping to get some really great pics of the area to share here soon! Today we went to our first ever block party in our own neighborhood and had a little fun!

Those really are 3 happy kids despite the looks on their faces!
Tomorrow we will get tea lights and have them light up the night! What a great family time!

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Raisingarrows said...

I was just telling Ty that I think this year's colors are especially brilliant this year! We haven't carved our pumpkins yet...soon, I hope.
Amy (anxiously waiting for what this blog will look like! )